TKFI proudly hosted 1st World Tennqouits Championship

The first World Championships for Tenniquoits has been held in November 2006 in Chennai (Madras) – India. This has been the biggest event ever conducted in the history of this sport with nearly 32 hours of live TV-coverage. Delegations of Germany, South Africa, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brazil and India participated at this event, which has been conducted in the disciplines World Championships for Teams, World Championships for Men-Singles and World Championships for Women-Singles. Moreover Men-Doubles and Women-Doubles have been played as an exhibition competition. The Tennikoit Federation of India did a very good job in hosting this marvellous event at Nadia Comaneci Hall in Velammal International School. The German Tenniquoits players did a very good job in winning all gold medals and the trophies. Thanks to Mr. Velmurugan, Vice President of TKFI and chief organiser of the 1st World Championships. This will be a starting point for spreading Tenniquoits into much more countries around the world.

Orientation course for Referees in covid 19 lockdown

Under the auspices of tennikoit federation of India reference board is organising and an orientation course for referees in this covid-19 lockdown. the main motto of the the orientation class is to guide the referees of our federation while conducting the matches and to discuss the rules and regulation which is prescribed in the rule book and to give illustration for the the good practice of officiating and also this course consists of seven days. whereas nearly 50 all India referees have joined the meeting and exhibited there thoughts and ideas about the game as well as they have came forward to clarify their doubts in all manner it was a great effort by the the referee board to conduct the event with allnavailable facilities


Tennikoit Training by Mr. K.R.V.Shyam Sunder

1.01Physical Fitness
2.01Specific Warming Up
2.02Court Exercise
2.03Front and Back Exercises
2.04Sideways Movement
2.05Fore Hand Placing Movement
2.06Back Hand Placing Movement
2.07Fore Hand Toss Movement
2.08Back Hand Toss Movement
2.09Fore Hand Jump movement
3.01Basic Exercise
3.02Spinning the Koit in front of the body
3.03Spinning the Koit Fore hand side
3.04Spinning the Koit Back hand side 1
3.05The Skills
4.01Combination Exercise
4.02The Skills
5.01Koit Combination
5.02Combination exercise with koit
5.03Points to remember



1.01 Running

Starting with slow jogging to normal running During running different exercises can be performed such as hands sideways, hands upward hands forward, back and bending forward and down touching the fingers to the Ground.

Running sideways for 2.5 mtrs. On both sides i.e. one two keeping left leg as leading leg and then Right leg as leading leg. After the 50 mtrs. Alternate running sideways changing the leading leg from left to right and Right to left.

High knee action for 25 mtrs and any other running style one wishes to perform.

1.02 Exercises

After completing the running programme which takes around 15-20 minutes go for body exercises. Hope you can follow the exercises and let us have a quick look and perform.

  1. Starting from head towards down to toes.
  2. Head rotation, clock & anti clock wise, sideways and up and down,
  3. Wrist rotation Front and Back
  4. Hands rotation Front and Back
  5. Fingers on shoulder and elbows rotation front and back
  6. Arms swings up sideways single arm alternately
  7. Arms swings up sideways both arms
  8. arms stretching back alternately
  9. Trunk rotation clock and anti-clock wise
  10. Legs/Feet apart sideways bend
  11. Feet together truck bending toward and hands touching the ground
  12. Feet apart trunk bending front and back.
  13. Feet (4) apart and alternate toe touches
  14. Four count exercise with legs wide spread
    1. Count 1 Bend toward and touch the toes with hands
    2. Count 2 Bend forward and elbows touch the ground
    3. Count 3 Bend forward and hands stretch back through the legs
    4. 4Up and bend back keeping the hands on waist.

(The above exercises should be performed in a swinging action)

  1. Same position (feet wide spread) Forehead touching to the knee
  2. Same position turn to left bend the left knee keeping the Right leg straight on toe rising the heel and pushing the body down.
  3. Same to right side
  4. Same left keeping the heel down to left side
  5. Same let keeping the heel down to right side
  6. legs spread and touching the forehead to the ground,
  7. jumps with hands movements (different exercises such as sideways, upwards, forward, front side)
  8. Disco jumps, Normal jumps
  9. Jumps with cycling movement
  10. Jumps with leg rising sideways
  11. jumping and high knee action
  12. Ankle rotation.

Perform these exercise regularly, it takes 30 minutes to finish all these exercises including running for 15-20 minutes.

This will help you to avoid injuries during the game and gain physical fitness required to withstand the pressure.




Court Exercises required for this game.

Before you start playing with the Koit in the Court, you should have an idea of the measurements of the court which helps you a lot in the practice as well as in the tournaments to judge a Koit whether in or out.

The playing area of the court is mainly divided into 2 parts.

  1. Fore and court and
  2. Back hand court

Further the divided F/H & B/H courts are subdivided into Back and From courts

Which are mainly used for toss (Back Court) and Placings (Front Court).

When a player stands in the centre of the court on the zone line the right hand side court is called Forehand and left hand side court is called back hand.

(Considering a player to be a Right handed)

Coming to the court exercises, in general these exercises are performed within the court area.

The Exercises are

  1. Front and back movement
  2. Sideways movement in single court
  3. Forehand placing movement
  4. Backhand placing movement
  5. Fore hand toss movement
  6. Back hand toss movement
  7. Fore hand jump

The above mentioned exercises are simple and the name itself shows the way to perform the exercise.

All these exercises should be performed 10-15 times in the beginning hit later around 25-30 should be done.


Purpose: is to cover the area between the base line and the dead line in three steps

Position: Standing on the base line keeping the Right leg near the base line 4M-6″ inside and keeping the left leg forward

Movement Count: Count 1 – bring your right leg forward

Count 2 – left leg forward

Count 3 – again right leg forward

In such a manner your right leg will be near the dead line keeping the left leg fully extended bend the right leg touch the dead line with both hands and back in the same manner.

Repetitions: 10-15 times

Advantage: Helps the spinal chord and the waist to be more flexible, improve speed in performing bending movement. Increases the ability to reach the Koit quickly.


Purpose: To cover the area between centre line and the side fine.

Position: Stand near the zone line in B/H or F/H Court legs spread nil.

Movement: Touching the centre line with hand, chest touching the thigh and then making a sideward movement towards the side line in single step such that the other leg is near the side line and hand touching the line and chest to the thigh.

Repetition: 10-15 times

Advantage : Swift movement to the sideways and helps to cover the area in quick time.


Purpose : To reach the koit in forehand playing zone position, movement, Advantages are same like sideways movement except that the movement is performed towards the Fore hand playing zone and touch the meeting place where the dead line and the right hand side side line will meet & back with same movement will be 45° angle

Repetitions: 10-15 times


Purpose : To reach a Koit in back hand placing zone, position, movement, advantages are same except that and additional overlapping of the right leg is included in the movement.

After doing a short sideways (45° angle) movement towards the B/H placing zone, bring your right leg towards the zone and touch the meeting point with right hand and back with same movement.

Repetition: 10-15 times


Purpose: To judge the Koit and receive the Koit inside the Court.

Position, movement, advantages are same like Front and bade movement except that the movement is performed from the centre.

Repetitions: 10-15 times


Purpose: To judge the Koit and receive the Koit inside the court.

Position, movement, advantages are same like B/H Placing except that the movement is performed at the back hand toss zone.

2.09 F/H JUMP

Advanced technique and requires good control over the body.

From the normal centre position take jump on the right leg and land on the right leg itself receiving the Koit very much essential in combination exercises and to receive down the line shots on the F/H side.



  1. Spin the Koit in front of the body
  2. spin the Koit to your Right hand side i.e. F/H.
  3. Spin the Koit to your Left hand side i.e. B/H.

The spinnig of the Koit helps the player to avoid wobbling shaking etc., movements of the koit while releasing the Koit.

This will help the player to have control over the Koit and can vary the spin as required.


This should be done in such a manner that the Koit moves just in front of the body form chest level to the forehead level and the Player should be able to see through the Koit, which means the exercise which he is doing is correct.

This should be performed only with wrist movement (To get accurate wrist movement hold the Koit and lock the wrist downand then unlock the wrist | bring the wrist up, but do not release the Koit. Perform this movement before releasing the Koit, hand should not move.)


Locking and unlocking of the wrist is a must to release a Koit and the advantages of this lock & unlock will be dealt later.

Here in F/H movement along with the wrist movement the elbow must be Coordinated in such a manner that when the Koit is in your hand elbow should be up and while releasing elbow should go down.

(Never bring the Koit below the waist level after receiving or while releasing)


Same technique for spinning the Koit to be used but do not being the Koit below the left elbow while spinning the Koit on above the shoulder.

Once you are perfect in spinning the Koit in all the three types you can j step into the court.

Keeping in view all the above points just practise throwing the Koit above the net slowly move away from the net increase the height of the koit while releasing.

This will give you confidence that you are proceeding in a correct path.

Tips to practice in the court the various basic skills.

Starting with the fore hand toss

Remember never practice a skill combining the movement in the first phase.

In the beginning every skill should be practiced only stationery/standing at a place and throwing the Koit to the desired zone.

Once you learn this now you can combine the footwork/movement from the centre and receive the Koit from that place and throw back to the desire zone.

In the same manner you have to practice all the skills.


1.F/H toF/H toss
2.F/H toB/H toss
3.F/H toF/H placing
4.F/H toB/H placing
5.B/H toB/H toss
6.B/H toF/H toss
7.B/H to otoB-‘H placing
8.B/H toF/H placing
9.F/H toF/H shot cross court
10.F/H toB/H shot down the line
11.B/H toB/H shot cross court
12.B/H toF/H shot down the line
13.F/H toB/H push
14.F/H toF/H cross push
15.F/H placing toF/H toss
16.F/H placing toB/H toss
17.F/H placing toF/H drop (placing)
18.F/H placing toB/H drop (placing)
19.B/H placing toB/H toss
20.B/H placing toF/H toss
21.B/H placing toB/H drop (placing)
22.B/H placing toF/H drop (placing)

The best method to practice the above skills are make a player to stand at the F/H toss zone, from there he will throw the Koit to you at the same spot making movement in such a manner to all the four corners of the court from the F/H zone.

(Never go too fast to learn the game & skills practice regularly and it will help you to achieve perfection)

The above skills should be practiced in all the three angles where ever possible to deliver the Koit.

Ex.: If F/H to F/H shots are practiced

Alternately you have to use the three angles

  1. Straight Koit Shot
  2. Flat koit Shot
  3. Angled Shot either way

Again 1,2,3, and repeat

If you really want to become a good player first practice every skill stationery i.e. standing then go for movement.



Combining the two exercises and to perform purpose of combination exercises is, it make as player to accustoms with different foot work at any twice with ease helps the player to reach the Koit easily and avoids way foot work and ionize during practice sessions.

Theses combination exercises can be creative.

In spite of doing every movement independently you have to combine the two independent movements as.

  1. Receiving a F/H ten koit and the receiving a F/H placing on drop koit after going to the center position.

After every Koit a player receive & releases should go to center before attempting to receive another Koit of the opponent.

  1. Receiving an F/H toss and receiving a B/H placing after going through the center.
  2. Receiving a B/H placing and a jump to F/H to receive a down the fine shot.


  1. F/H placing & B/H placing
  2. F/H placing & B/H toss
  3. F/H placing & B/H shot
  4. F/H placing & F/H toss
  5. B/H placing & F/H shot, etc.,

Such type of combinations should be done without a Koit and when you release the Koit you should imagine where you direct the Koit to and in w way.

Once you are familiar with foot work in all directions you can practice with a Koit.

Initially you are advised to throw the Koit in higher trajectory because you will get time to recover and go to center. Once you set your foot work surfeit you can also go for center shots. Playing etc., at times instead of tossing the koit.





The Skills which you have practiced without Koit will be done with Koit.\

In the beginning with tossing the Koit from your side after move a Step ahead to hit & deliver shots which improves your speed of movement.


As the learner pick up the skills slowly from simple combination exercises to complex combination exercises more difficult combination can also be inculcated.


Whenever a player has to receive a shot delivered cross court, first the player should take a step towards the F/H placing zone or B/H placing zone and receive the Koit going close to the net which does not give chance for your opponent to recover. After receiving the Koit a player can drop the Koit push the Koit and make the opponent to struggle to receive the koit you have released.

A part from all the skills and techniques mentioned in this book let would like to stress more on the following few points, which in my view helps a tot to be a good player morever there are so finer points in the game and to whomever I have suggested these points have increased the ability in the game to perform much more better.

I have seen many players playing the game but not adhearing to the points given below if the players use these simple points a lot of changed game and better performance can be achieved.


While receiving the Koit

  1. Watch the Koit in opponents hand
  2. Do not anticipate the return of the Koit in a particular place
  3. Do not take movement towards your anticipated zone.
  4. Take place in the center and be ready to move
  5. After seeing the Koit released from the opponent hand in a particular direction make your movement towards the koit.
  6. A good foot work and a stable body help you good movement
  7. Do not watch the opponent eyes, body movement work.

While releasing the Koit

  1. After receiving the Koit, watch the opponent
  2. Watch the stance of the opponent and the piece where he stands (straight or bend)
  3. If opponent makes any movement of his feet in a particular direction release the Koit opposite to the movement made by the opponent.
  4. If no movement is performed drop the Koit at a safe place or hit down the line or to his weak hand side.
  5. The most important is watch the opponent till you release the Koit.
  6. NEVER LOOK AT THE KOIT YOU RELEASED and come back to the center before the opponent receives the Koit.