Tennikoit Federation of India:- Approved By: Govt of India,
Recognised By: Sports Authority of India, Ministry Of Youth Affairs & Sports,
Affiliated To: World Tenniquoits Federation, Asian Tennikoit Confederation

Official Quotes

Tennikoit game is one of the sports that Britishers’ left behind in our country. Tennikoit Federation of India has exhibited the game of Tennikoit being played in India for the last 50 years.
Shri Roopa Ram
Hony President - TKFI
Tennikoit has become a competitive sport, less expensive but fast and thrilling game. Tennikoit Federation of India have got 28 states has a member of the Tennikoit Federation of India.
Shri S.Laxmikantham
Secretary General - TKFI
Tennikoit is an International sport, India has hosted the 1st World Tennikoit championship in 2006, wherein 8 countries participated. Germany is the Head Quarters of World Tennikoit Federation.

Right to Information Act, 2005

Federation has come under RTI act 2005 as per the letter received from Dept. (Sports and Youth Affairs) Govt of India wide their letter No: f.36/2:2010 SPII dated: 30/3/2010 to 21/4/2010. as per the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs guideline the following information are published in the official website of the Tennikoit Federation of India
Central public Information officer,
Secretary General,
Tennikoit Federation of India.
Appellate Authority,
Hony. President,
Tennikoit Federation of India.

Game Characteristics

Tenni-koit is a game, which is played either under daylight or under floodlights. It is played both indoor and outdoor by both the sexes. The game consists of both Singles and Doubles inclusive of Mixed Doubles. Singles is a two-player game, which is played by two players opposing each other. Doubles is a four-player game, which is played by two teams of two players each, which play against each other. In the Mixed Doubles, one male and female shall form one team.

The Court dimensions, the height of the net, specifications of the koit and other playing equipment are the same for Singles and Doubles for both sexes. But for the sub-juniors, the height of the net shall be 1.67 metres (5 .6 ft.), Tenni-koit is a game played by two teams or two players on a playing court measuring 12.2 X 5.5 M.The playing court is divided into two equal courts by a Centre Line. Above this line a net is placed at a certain height.The goal of the player is to send the koit over the net, according to regulations, to the opponent’s court.

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