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Recognised by: GOI, MYA&S, SAI - Affilaited by WTF, ATC. "Reg. No.95/1973"

Since 1965

Tennikoit Federation of India

The Sexual Harassment committee was formed to protect the victim of such activities, the committee is headed by Dr. Jewel Varsa, Vice-President – TKFI, and members committee. The details of the chairman and members can be availed in the link below.

As per the direction from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and in compliance with the Constitution of TKFI, with regard to sexual harassment


Office bearers of TKFI


PRESIDENT of tennikoit federation of india FROM GUJARAT


SECRETARY of tennikoit federation of india FROM TELANG


TREASURER of tennikoit federation of india FROM KARNATAKA

Game Design
Tenni-koit is a game that is played either under daylight or under floodlights. It is played both indoors and outdoors by both sexes. The game consists of both Singles and Doubles, inclusive of Mixed Doubles. Singles is a two-player game played by two players opposing each other. Doubles is a four-player game played by two teams of two players each, which play against each other. In the Mixed Doubles, one male and a female shall form one team. The Court dimensions, the height of the net, specifications of the koit and other playing equipment are the same for Singles and Doubles for both sexes. But for the sub-juniors, the net’s height shall be 1.67 meters (5 .6 ft.). Tenni-koit is a game played by two teams or two players on a playing court measuring 12.2 X 5.5 M. The playing court is divided into two equal courts by a Centre Line. Above this line, a net is placed at a certain height. According to regulations, the player’s goal is to send the koit over the net to the opponent’s court.Click below

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