Tennikoit is a game, which is played either under daylight or under floodlights. It is played both indoor and outdoor by both the sexes. The game consists of both Singles and Doubles inclusive of Mixed Doubles. Singles is a two-player game, which is played by two players opposing each other. Doubles is a four player game, which is played by two teams of two players each, which play against each other. In the Mixed Doubles, one male and female shall form one team.
The Court dimensions, height of the net, specifications of the koit and other playing equipments are the same for Singles and Doubles for both sexes. But for the sub-juniors the height of the net shall be 1.67 meters (5 1 /2 ft. Tennikoit is a game played by two teams or two players on a playing court measuring 12.2 X 5.5 M. The playing court is divided into two equal courts by a Centre Line. Above this line a net is placed at a certain height. The goal of the player is to send the koit over the net, according to regulations, to the opponent’s court.
The koit is set in motion through the ‘Sen/ice’ by a player by virtue of his winning or losing the toss at the commencement of first set and sent diagonally to the opponent’s court over the net and the opponent® receive the koit over the net without any fault. The koit remains in play until it touches the floor, walls, ceiling or any other object or until a player commits a fault. A player shall have five Services in a row, no matter whether he takes or losses the point. After the score is 20 all & after the 9 rally is introduced when the stipulated time limit of 15 min. expires, each player shall have only one service in turns.
The team or player who scores 21 points in a minimum advantage of 2 points over its opponent or in the event of the score becoming 20 each, the team/Player who secures 22nd point first will be the winner of the set. The team which wins two sets out of three sets wins the match.
Koit is a ring made of white thin rubber sheet filled with foam rubber.

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