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Shri. Roopa Ram Dhandev


Tennikoit, also called ring tennis, is a game which involves hurling a rubber ring called a koit over a net. This is one of the few games that can be played either indoors or outdoors. There is a presence of both the genders in this game. Two player games are called singles and four player games with two players forming a team are the doubles. Mixed doubles wherein one male and one female player form a team is a part of doubles game. World Tenniquoits Federation was founded in 2004 to control and spread Tenniquoits to more nations around the world as competitive sport. Tennikoit is played in over 14 countries and the Tennikoit world cup which is conducted every 6 years sees fierce competition. The first World Championship was conducted by the Tennikoit Federation of India in 2006.

India organized 1st World Cup Tenniquoit Championship at Velammal International School, Chennai during the year 2006 under the dynamic leadership of our Executive President Sri MVM Velmurugan. Dr.S.Venugopalachary and Mr.B.S.Nagaraj were the President and Secretary General respectively of the federation. 2nd World Tennikoit Championship was held at Koblanz - Germany during the year 2010. Indian team returned with Bronze medal from this championship. 3RD World Tennikoit Championship was held at Victoria – South Africa from 25th March to 6th April 2014. Under the Presidentship of Mr.T.S.Bisht IPS and Mr.S.Laxmikantham Secretary General of TKFI, Indian teams have participated in this championship. We hope, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports GOI, Sports Councils of various states, Sports Authority of India, School Games Federation of India and All India Universities will promote this game enabling it to reach greater heights in the sports map of our country. -by Laxmikandham

Tennikoit academy was started at Baba Sahcb Nandurkar college of Physical education at Yavatmal, Maharasira under the leadership of Dr.S.Prakash Nandurkar. Under the auspices of the Federation, Sub Juniors, Juniors and Senior National Championships are being conducted by members of various affiliated states every year. Even zonal championships viz. North, East, West & South are being conducted by different zones of our country. So far 38 Senior, 32 Junior and 28 Sub Junior National Tennikoit Championships have been conducted at various places in our country. Tennikoit is also being played in other countries with different rules. SAARC Tennikoit confederation was formed during the year 1996.

Shri. Lakshmi Kantham,

Gen.  Secretary TKFI,

Tennikoit game is one of the sports that Britishers’ left behind in our country. The origin of the game could be traced back to the time when ships were sailing around the world. For the sailors, this was one of the games to spend time on board when there were not many recreation facilities available during the voyage. Normally it is easy to play when the ships are anchored. They renamed this game a;; “DECK TENNIS”.Tennikoit has become a competitive sport, less expensive but fast and thrilling game. The game is being played since decades, but was confined only to Southern States viz. Tamilnadu, Andhra pradesh and Karnataka. These states dominated the game for quite a long time. Tennikoit Federation of India was formed during the year 1965 with 5 states.

Now, the affiliation has risen to 27 states. With the unstinted efforts of our former Secretary General Sri T.Ramamurthy and other office bearers of the federation, this game has been recognized by Ministry of Sports, Government of India, Ministry of Education vide No.F-9-3/79 - D II (SP)dated 20.6.1981.

Under the Presidentship of Mr.S.Venugopalachary Member of Parliament & Union Minister and Mr.B.S.Nagaraj Secretary General, Indian Tennikoit Teams were invited to participate in the 1st International youth festival of sports which was held at “SYZRAN - Russia” during 2001-2002. During April 2004, Indian Tennikoit team took part in the triangular series that was held in South Africa and during May 2004, Indian team participated in test series which was held at Germany. Tennikoit is also recognized by School Games Federation of India and has been included in their calendar of events for the boys and girls under 19 years. The 1st SGFI nationals was conducted at Madhya Pradesh during 2011 followed by Chattisgarh during 2012.

Shri. R.Ramanathan,


We have exhibited the game of Tennikoit being played in India for the last 50 years. We have got 28 states has member of the Tennikoit Federation of India and as many as 10,000 player has been participating various national level events.

We have three categorized national events for various age group, i.e., Sub junior level of 14 and below, Junior of 18 and below and Senior No age bar. The game of Tennikoit requires very small area, it is an economical game and fast game and attractive game.

The public response from our country is good and we have innumerous spectators watching various championship in national level. Tenni-Koit Federation is recognized by Government of India, Indian Olympic Association and School Federation of India.

The cost compared to other game is very less and I call it as one of the economical game in the world of sports. Friend I invite you to experiment and promote the game of Tennikoit Tenni-Koit is an International sports, Germany is the Head Quarters of World Tenni-Koit Federation. India hosted the 1st World Tenni-Koit championships for Men & Women where in 8 countries participated, now W.T.F. has 13 countries as members Indian Teams visited Russia Germany and South Africa, to participate in the international events, again Indian Teams have been invited by South Africa to Participated in the Triangular Championship.

Tennikoit is very economical, thrilling and fast game, further it is Rural oriented game hence T.K.F.I. is trying to conduct various national level events in taluk and district in every state.
Right to Information Act, 2005


Federation has come under RTI act 2005 as per the letter received from Dept. (Sports and Youth Affairs) Govt of India wide their letter No: f.36/2:2010 SPII dated: 30/3/2010 to 21/4/2010. Federation has nominated the following:


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Tennikoit  Federation of India.


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Tennikoit Federation of India.

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